Parachute was born out of the need for high quality, accurately dosed, great tasting edibles. 

After having one bad experience after the other, we set out to create a better edible experience for all.

From the beginning, our mission has been to provide our community with the option to discretely and safely enjoy cannabis, and its many benefits without compromising quality and taste. We are committed to using only the purest and highest quality ingredients in all of our products.

All of our chocolate is sustainably sourced from cocoa farmers in West Africa, and crafted in Belgium by gourmet chocolate manufacturers that have mastered bean selection and whole bean roasting methods for over 100 years. This method preserves the flavours and aromas within the cocoa husk leading to a deep and rich end product.

Our cannabis is BC grown and undergo a double refining process to guarantee purity and safety. Be at ease knowing that every product is precisely dosed using third-party lab tested extracts that are free of pesticides, metals, mycotoxins, and solvents.